Flour • 面(miàn), Seasonal Dishes, Winter • 冬(dōng)

Steamed Dumplings with Daikon Pork Filling (萝卜猪肉馅蒸饺)

Growing up as a norther Chinese, I remember that dumpling has played a huge part in our life. We eat dumplings for most of the important occasions: Chinese New Year dinners, family gatherings, farewell/ welcoming meals, etc. It is a social food, as it can involve many people into the preparation; meanwhile it brings together… Continue reading Steamed Dumplings with Daikon Pork Filling (萝卜猪肉馅蒸饺)

Flour • 面(miàn)

Pork & Cabbage Stuffed Bun (白菜猪肉包子)

For a very long period, I had tried to stay away from flour, as there was no "connections" between us. I couldn't get the yeast function, so my dough couldn't raise the way it was expected; I barely mixed the water and the flour with the right proportion, so any pastry I made didn't come… Continue reading Pork & Cabbage Stuffed Bun (白菜猪肉包子)