Five Ingredients, Flour • 面(miàn), Sweets • 点心(diǎnxin)

Steamed Rose Buns (蒸玫瑰花卷)

The Valentine's Day is arriving again~ Personally I do not like this "valentine" festival, because these days it is pure commercial and served only for corporations' marketing purposes. However I am not against celebrating love with your loved one. And it doesn't mean you must spend lots of money in a fancy restaurants on specifically… Continue reading Steamed Rose Buns (蒸玫瑰花卷)

Autumn • 秋(qiū), Seasonal Dishes, Sweets • 点心(diǎnxin), Winter • 冬(dōng)

Puff Pastry with Yam Filling (番薯酥饼)

Happy New Year of 2018! After the holiday period, do you feel overloaded with a lot of meat and wine? As for me, this year I unfortunately managed to eat not too much, because I was sick. Actually it was not only me, the whole family got beaten down starting from the Christmas Day until… Continue reading Puff Pastry with Yam Filling (番薯酥饼)