Flour • 面(miàn)

Flaky Scallion Pancakes (烫面葱油饼)

Recently I've been slow on updating on the blog. It was mainly because that started from June, I started my private cooking classes and home chef activities. And it had been such a joy, and at the same time busy period. I've been enjoying cooking dumplings and many other Chinese home dishes to the local… Continue reading Flaky Scallion Pancakes (烫面葱油饼)

Five Ingredients, Flour • 面(miàn)

Steamed Bun/ Bread (发面馒头)

Years ago my husband asked me a question: If you had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? As an Italian, his answer was PIZZA! And as for me, who was born and raised in North China, I said: the steamed bun (大馒头)! The steam… Continue reading Steamed Bun/ Bread (发面馒头)

Five Ingredients, Flour • 面(miàn), Seasonal Dishes, Spring • 春 (chūn)

Spring Pancake (春饼)

Spring Pancake!🌮🌮🌮 I felt super happy when typing the title of this post, because by the time it is published, the Spring will be officially arrived! The reason why I am posting a recipe of Spring Pancake (春饼) is that according to the Lunar calendar, this Sunday 4th February is the day of Lichun (立春),… Continue reading Spring Pancake (春饼)

Autumn • 秋(qiū), Five Ingredients, Flour • 面(miàn), Fusion Flavor, Seasonal Dishes, Winter • 冬(dōng)

Braised Noodles with Green Beans (豆角焖面)

Every year in early Autumn, once I see there are green beans displayed on the stalls, I would immediately think of this dish: braised noodles with green beans. I remember my grandma used to cook this dish to me, so that I got to eat some green vegetables. And now I also cook this dish… Continue reading Braised Noodles with Green Beans (豆角焖面)

Five Ingredients, Flour • 面(miàn)

Hand-Pull/ Biangbiang Noodles (油泼扯面)

In the cold winter days, besides a steaming hot soup that can comfort my stomach, I also crave for the hand-pulled noodles! Not any kind of noodles, Hand-Pulled noodles it is!!!   Why is that?! First it is, using an Italian word that I learned after living in Italy, artigianale. When I chew them, I… Continue reading Hand-Pull/ Biangbiang Noodles (油泼扯面)

Five Ingredients, Flour • 面(miàn), Fusion Flavor

Noodles with Tomato Scramble Eggs (番茄炒蛋拌面)

What is the dish that every Chinese people knows how to cook? It has to be the tomato scramble egg (番茄炒蛋)! It was the first dish my Mom taught me to prepare, and it was as well her first dish taught by her mother. The tomato scramble egg has been regarded as THE entry to… Continue reading Noodles with Tomato Scramble Eggs (番茄炒蛋拌面)

Flour • 面(miàn)

Pan Fried Scallion Flavored Buns (葱油饼)

"If you could live with only one kind of food for the rest of your life. What would it be?" This was a question my husband (by then boyfriend) asked me when the first time he cooked for me. "It has to be the Buns!" I answered. For a person from north China, the buns… Continue reading Pan Fried Scallion Flavored Buns (葱油饼)