Tastes Of Italy

Taste of Tuscany Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The character that makes me fall for food in Italy is its seasonableness.   In Spring we sow, in Summer we start to see peaches, cherries, strawberries, tomatoes in the market; then after the summer holiday back from the seaside, it is time for porcini mushrooms, figs, pumpkins, grapes, etc; close to end of the… Continue reading Taste of Tuscany Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Five Ingredients, Rice • 米(mǐ)

Millet Congee (小米粥)

I can't remember since when I stopped eating congee. Growing up, congee had played an important role in my daily meals. From time to time, grandma prepared me congee for breakfast or dinner. My childhood congee was mainly made of rice, sometimes with green beans or millet added. It was a simple, yet warm and… Continue reading Millet Congee (小米粥)