Five Ingredients, Rice • 米(mǐ)

Millet Congee (小米粥)

I can't remember since when I stopped eating congee. Growing up, congee had played an important role in my daily meals. From time to time, grandma prepared me congee for breakfast or dinner. My childhood congee was mainly made of rice, sometimes with green beans or millet added. It was a simple, yet warm and… Continue reading Millet Congee (小米粥)

Flour • 面(miàn)

Pork & Cabbage Stuffed Bun (白菜猪肉包子)

For a very long period, I had tried to stay away from flour, as there was no "connections" between us. I couldn't get the yeast function, so my dough couldn't raise the way it was expected; I barely mixed the water and the flour with the right proportion, so any pastry I made didn't come… Continue reading Pork & Cabbage Stuffed Bun (白菜猪肉包子)