Five Ingredients, Flour • 面(miàn), Sweets • 点心(diǎnxin)

Steamed Rose Buns (蒸玫瑰花卷)

The Valentine's Day is arriving again~ Personally I do not like this "valentine" festival, because these days it is pure commercial and served only for corporations' marketing purposes. However I am not against celebrating love with your loved one. And it doesn't mean you must spend lots of money in a fancy restaurants on specifically… Continue reading Steamed Rose Buns (蒸玫瑰花卷)

Five Ingredients, Flour • 面(miàn), Sweets • 点心(diǎnxin)

Steamed Corn Buns: Wō wo tóu (窝窝头)

As a northern Chinese, I used to eat food made of corn flour a lot in my hometown. I remember my family from time to time made corn flour pancake for dinner or breakfast. And my grandma also used to buy the steamed corn-flour sponge cake to me and my cousin for desserts. After I've… Continue reading Steamed Corn Buns: Wō wo tóu (窝窝头)

Autumn • 秋(qiū), Seasonal Dishes, Sweets • 点心(diǎnxin), Winter • 冬(dōng)

Puff Pastry with Yam Filling (番薯酥饼)

Happy New Year of 2018! After the holiday period, do you feel overloaded with a lot of meat and wine? As for me, this year I unfortunately managed to eat not too much, because I was sick. Actually it was not only me, the whole family got beaten down starting from the Christmas Day until… Continue reading Puff Pastry with Yam Filling (番薯酥饼)

Fusion Flavor, Sweets • 点心(diǎnxin)

Sweet Potato Muffins (番薯松饼)

Golden-orange has been the color of the season here in Tuscany ever since October. Once the Autumn arrives here, you easily find you are surrounded by the golden orange colored leaves on the ground, trees on the mountains, ingredients in the market, and dishes on the table.   I remember my favorite food of this… Continue reading Sweet Potato Muffins (番薯松饼)

Fusion Flavor, Sweets • 点心(diǎnxin)

Matcha Scones (抹茶司康)

I used to be a biscuits lover when I was a little girl. My parents sent me to boarding school when I was 9-year old, due to a change of their work. And every month when I came back home, I would go "snack shopping" and stored up loads of kinds of biscuits before leaving… Continue reading Matcha Scones (抹茶司康)