Ciao! 你好。

I am Sasha, a Chinese living in Florence, Italy.

I was born in Shenyang, a city in the northeast China, where we eat lots of flour dishes (such as noodles, dumplings, buns, etc.), as well as sauteed veggie and meat plates in our daily meals. I grew up with my grandma (you will see me mentioning about her a lot in the posts), who was the chef in the house. Her cooking played a huge part in my childhood diet, and influenced heavily my taste.

Later I left for Hong Kong for university, and lived there for 8 years before moving to Italy. During the years away from my birth place, I found that no matter how much yummy food or exclusive cuisine I’ve tasted, I always find myself craving for the flavors of my home-food, which I grew up with. I call it the homesick of my stomach!

To fulfill my stomach’s homesick cravings, I use my kitchen as a battle field to recreate the old flavors in my memories. At the same time I refer to methods and recipes of other food bloggers/ YouTubers to learn and improve my skills. This blog is to take you on this nostalgic journey with me, as well to share with you the stories & connections I have with each dish.

“The most hard-to-change habit of a person is the habit of his stomach!”

– by someone who has a homesick stomach