Five Ingredients, Rice • 米(mǐ)

Millet Congee (小米粥)

I can’t remember since when I stopped eating congee. Growing up, congee had played an important role in my daily meals. From time to time, grandma prepared me congee for breakfast or dinner. My childhood congee was mainly made of rice, sometimes with green beans or millet added. It was a simple, yet warm and comforting food.


Then I moved to Hong Kong, where I was introduced to tons kinds of congee: congee with minced pork and preserved egg, pork liver congee, fish congee, etc. Hongkongese made the congee up to another level!


Then I met my husband. And you know what love usually do to your diet?! I started to learn how to cook Italian dishes at home. Meanwhile I also opened up a new world of Chinese home food to him. However congee didn’t make into that section.


Last week I accidentally found an unfinished pack of millet on the kitchen shelf, which was left by my parents during their visit last year.

“The millet has many nutrition. It does lots benefits to your body!”

Words of my Mom came to my mind when I saw that open pack of millet. So I took a pot, poured in some millet and water, prepared myself the millet congee.

chinese home cooking millet congeechinese home cooking millet congee



  • Millet
  • Water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil (optional)
  • Chopped spring onion (optional)
  • Anchovies (optional)

chinese congee porridge


On serving, I would like to drizzle some extra virgin olive oil to give it a Tuscany twist. And to make it more fun, add some chopped spring onion and anchovies to have a salty flavor.

chinese congee porridgechinese congee porridgechinese congee porridge

1 thought on “Millet Congee (小米粥)”

  1. Congee is my favourite most comforting meal. I like the way you cooked this and added olive oil, green onions and anchovies. I usually just top mine with a couple cubes of fermented tofu, but this looks relish!


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